About Chipsea

Shanghai Chipsea-design company (quote below as 鈥淐hipsea鈥), founded in 2012, is one high-tech enterprise offering integrated circuits design consultancy and service. With accredited technical expertise and service quality, Chipsea鈥檚 business partners range worldwide well-known semiconductor companies, and has successfully delivered multiple tape-out projects on advanced technology nodes.

Chipsea has core technology and comprehensive experience in network switch, multi-media, CPU, mobile communications and data storage applications.

Chipsea鈥檚 proven engineering capabilities and expertise at advanced technology nodes (90nm-16nm) enable us to offer RTL-to-GDS design solution and technical support, covering Synthesis, DFT, Place & Route, Verification, custom layout, etc.

Chipsea has industry-leading IC design team and resources and caters to different customer SPEC, providing quality, efficient and flexible design consultancy.

Team Members

Chipsea has over 100 employees nationwide, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Xi鈥檃n, Chengdu etc., and is aggressively growing. More than average 5 years鈥 working experience in semiconductor industry, world鈥檚 leading industrial design experience and various styles of design flow experience enable Chipsea to meet customers鈥 technical & resource challenges.


Founded in 2012 and head-quartered in Shanghai, China.
Joined MooreElite as a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2016

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Contact Us锛021-51137888 sales@chipsea-design.com Building 2, No. 118 Rongke Road, Pudong, Shanghai
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